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Re: Exercises to keep breathing?

Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:
Hi all,

This question seems trivial - just keep breathing, but yet I find it pretty difficult to keep breathing during a hard training, which leads to tiredness at the end of the class. I can see the same problem when more advanced students do juyuwaza or randori. Yet, there are people who breath and seem relaxed through the whole session and they seem to be as fresh as in the beginning of the class.
My question is: how to train this ability to keep breathing even when you do a hard technique or even when you do difficult ukemi.
I realize this is connected to being relaxed, not fear to be thrown of to be injured, but are there any exercises that could help?
From my understanding running and maybe multiple bokken cuts should help to keep the breathing in shape. Any other ideas?


Two things come into my mind with regards to your question above:

1) Cardio conditioning. Any aerobic activities will improve your stamina, e.g., cycling, jogging, swimming, even brisk walking. If you are a dojo bum who doesn't go anywhere for your recommended daily exercise allowance, then doing loads of back breakfalls or side breakfalls prior and after class will also improve cardio function.

2) Muscle toning. By increasing your body muscle composition. Muscle tends to work more efficiently compared to say, your adipose (fat) tissue or smooth muscle tissue. This means you as a whole should improve your endurance. Hence weight training (under trained supervision) or bokken suburi are good choices. However IMO, bokken suburi tends to only work on the upper body.


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