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Zoli Elo
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Even though my hakama is akin to my safety blanket...

Katriona O'Neil wrote:
Hello, just a small question; if you belong to a dojo where anyone can wear hakama, or wear one after their first testing and visit another dojo would it be impolite to go wearing your hakama with no knowlege of if they are 'awarded' at a certain rank or not (the implication being that if you wear a hakama when your below the grade that it's awarded to)? I understand that a person would usually ask if they were representing their own dojo, but if you were just visiting (also if it is to a different school of Aikido)..
Thanks, Kat
Lately, I have been going with no hakama and a white belt when visiting other dojo. Aikido is a little different from dojo to dojo, so I find it best to not expect anything and not give them any expectations. Plus it is neat to see how they treat me dressed like that.
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