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Originally posted by ian
I have been told that Ueshiba did no warm ups in the class - he expected everyone to do their own warm ups before hand.
He didn't?? Didn't know that (or much else for that matter). Was that just in the latter years?

I really have a problem with a five minute warmup (seconds for each stretch) for a two hour class, I think it's dangerous. As for warming up before class, usually within a few minutes of the mats being out, class begins - so much for stretching before class (unless you don't mind a dirty dogi).

Personally, I don't depend on aikido for my workout (although I think some do, based on their schedule), but I think the stretching is vital - could do it in the car on the drive to the dojo.

The martial arts that I did before did a lot of stretching, but I suppose they had to (high kicks, spinning kicks, etc.).

Just curious, do they stretch a lot in judo (no kicks)? Where's mj when you need him?


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