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Re: New Feature: AikiChat!

Walter Jackson, 3rd wrote:
Hi I'm walter. I'm glad to have Aikichat so that i can learn more about Aikido. I have a question for anyone. I really enjoy aikido. I do well with everything except the rolls. I'm very tall, not used to rolling and terrible at it. I seem unable to progress because the rolls hamper me. I can't even move on to a higher belt. other 2 sempai says, take your time and be patient.
your ukemi will come to you. When I have started to train Aikido, I have the same trouble with ukemi too. I am huge and average height(6'), and I kept forcing myself to do ukemi. I have ended up injured my shoulders and so on without a right guidance. I have been doing it for 3 yrs. and finally, I have taken my time to understand it.

the only word that everyone will argee is "pratice," and you will be fine. plese dont give up.
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