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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Kototama Question

One's teacher is certainly charged with judging the student on many levels and then figuring out how to move the student forward in the face of the student's shortcomings, but more importantly to move the student forward in spite of the teacher's own prejudices, justified, or otherwise. Wouldn't you agree?
Yep. No harm, no foul...or was that fowl...oh, never mind...

I would like to contact you privately with an opportunity in which you may be interested. Please send me a private message with you phone number and the best time to contact you so that we may discuss this directly.
Message underway...

However, if you would reread my statements, they are perhaps better understood as a method of inquiry, but not that of my own seemingly selfish curiosity, as in the case of Mr. Sigman.
Well, Mike does have his own unique style of interaction on these boards. Let's just say he and I do not always agree on the pre-requisites of fruitfull conversation...or that just because you've invested a lot of time in one method of training that doesn't include a focus on 'ki', that you aren't necessarily doing aikido. But I have found his perspectives and information to be usefull...and if you think about it, he usually gives a lot more info than he gets. I think being with the two of you in the same venue would be very usefull to someone like myself. But that's just my opinion...I guess I'm pretty easy going about that sort of thing.


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