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Mike Sigman
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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Bill Danosky wrote:
One thing I noticed that's very different between Japanese and Chinese martial arts, is that in Kung Fu (at least Shao Lama KF) you disengage contact between many attacks and defenses in rapid series, where in Aikido, you maintain contact with uke until the very end of the tech.
You can mentally substitute the words "martial arts" for "kung fu", Bill... it's a generic term, at best. "Wu Shu" is what the Chinese say, but if you want to be specific, the "martial arts forms competitions" are "contemporary wu shu" and the actual martial arts are "traditional wu shu". There are a large number of different martial arts in China, each with different strategies and techniques, so there is no way to group what all Chinese martial arts do in one phrase like you did. It's like saying "In Japanese martial arts they wear black culottes.

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