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Re: Kototama Question

Mike Sigman wrote:
Well, I'm a little uncertain why you won't "restate the obvious". I don't personally think the reasons are obvious, but then I might be missing the obvious.
sometimes this can happen.

Mike Sigman wrote:
I think the answers for what these things are is fairly obscure, Shaun, and that they go back to antiquity...
Obscure? Depends on where you hang out. As far as how it may be, I don't see how that applies.

Mike Sigman wrote:
before the Chinese learned from travelling Indian Buddhist monks..., but at the same time there is an honest function to these things and I was surprised when you indicated that you knew.
Well, when you take into account the principle of synchronicity, it becomes clear that the knowledge of which you speak did not travel in the linear path to which you so often ascribe. As for your surprise, you may also be surprised to know how much else there is to know, and even more surprised who knows it and is sharing it somewhat openly... and who does not and therefore can not.

Mike Sigman wrote:
It would give me renewed respect for your knowledge if you were to even post a hint.
Well, thank you for the opportunity, but alas, once again, I am not out to gain anyone's respect, be it misplaced or otherwise. In the end though, since you seem to be saying that you already know all about the thing you keep asking me to talk about, I just don't get the point of any of it.

I guess it might be helpful if you would choose to share what, exactly it is you study, and with whom and for how long... What I personally wouldn't mind knowing is if you already know all of this material, then why come to these boards in the first place? Not that we don't welcome you and all that, but it is a bit curious and all.


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