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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kototama Question

Shaun Ravens wrote:
I thank you for your genuine curiosity. I guess at this point, for the sake of clarity mind you, I will say that I choose to pass on your invitation. However, should you decide to politely post your own answers, I am sure it would be a positive for the thread on the whole.
Well, I'm a little uncertain why you won't "restate the obvious". I don't personally think the reasons are obvious, but then I might be missing the obvious.

I think the answers for what these things are is fairly obscure, Shaun, and that they go back to antiquity... before the Chinese learned from travelling Indian Buddhist monks..., but at the same time there is an honest function to these things and I was surprised when you indicated that you knew. It would give me renewed respect for your knowledge if you were to even post a hint.

Kind Regards,

Mike Sigman
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