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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kototama Question

Shaun Ravens wrote:
If I ask you if you find that one and one are two, there is a good chance that I may already be thinking along those lines.
Actually, from the way you asked Rob the question, I felt it was pretty obvious that you were thinking along those lines, so after Rob politely answered your questions, I simply asked in order to see your answers.
In any case, should you post a compelling enough reason, or share with us how the knowing of any of this would improve upon your own training, I might be more motivate, or even be interested enough to restate the obvious, as apparent as it seems not to be... or is it? Huh?
Hmmmmmm. I'm not sure how all those questions about my motives and an affirmation of what the anwers would do for me are pertinent. You asked the questions, Rob answered, and I thought it might be polite to express an interest in your views. Not to mention that I'm genuinely curious to hear your answers.


Mike Sigman
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