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Mike Sigman
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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Kevin Jones wrote:
I've seen the same exercises taught by other teachers, with different lineages with the only common point being O-sensei. [snip] Craig mentioned Suzuki-sensei's posture practices. There are some really funny stories about those, like the time he reported doing an exercise *wrong* one hour every day for a year because he'd been shown it late at night after too much drink (one of the best times for extracting secret gems ) and the information was "not correctly communicated".
I hate to expose myself as the information-hound that I am (but I try to trade better than I got), but I'm interested in seeing some of these "same exercises", etc., if someone can point to legitimate videos of uchi-deshi (or close) doing them. Any help is appreciated.


Mike Sigman
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