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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Ah. I been had. Because Tohei's books don't mention standing-post training, I assumed he didn't do it.
My understanding from what I have been told is that what is in his books is meant for everybody. A lot is left out. In other words it's the easy stuff, the broad inclusive main path, that won't intimidate anyone no matter what age or state of health. The Japanese housewives at the mall having a ki class or a ki home party somewhat like a tupperware party, etc. people not interested in Aikido but interested in improving their health. For the most part newer books seem to be a continuation of or adaptation of his older books where the practices you refer to are generally never mentioned. I have been told that in recent years even breathing while sitting in seiza longer than 20 minutes is not common at HQ because the younger generation of japanese is just not used to sitting in seiza that long. Standing postures with a bokken is really something done on your own by personal one-on-one instruction and never in a general class that I have seen.

The practices you refer to are regarded as esoteric now and as is often said "not required or mandatory" but generally considered good to do just because Tohei Sensei did them. Like doing shorter versions of the Ichikukai practices. Generally that many students haven't done them or done only a little. Certainly not with the intensity or frequency of practice that Tohei Sensei did them. This is stuff you will never see in general classes. Even misogi bell, a more common practice generally. is not done except in special classes or if asked for at seminars. Impossible to find someone who even makes a decent misogi bell anymore. The guy that did them in Japan is deceased.

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