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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Well, not wanting to commit sacrilige or anything, I suspect Yoshinkan could learn from Tohei's teachings just as most Aikido practitioners could benefit from understanding the stuff Shioda put in his books. I absolutely think every Aikidoka should have a copy of "Total Aikido" by Shioda. The only personal comment is that I think some of the kamae are too tense and strained.

In terms of up and down, there's more to it and it would take a while to teach you how to start the training, so I certainly can't tell you in writing, but consider this: it's a common anecdote, etc., about a really high-level martial artist in China being able to stand on a sidewalk and with barely a quiver, crack the concrete. Or to be sitting on a bench and with a slight quiver shake off his seatmates on either side. Think of applying this sort of power to the end of shihonage.

I use shihonage as an example because it's what on my brain at the moment. We did a shihonage clinic (in a sense) last night, along with ikkajo osae which can also teach very important things about moving up and down as well.

As for the Chinese and their magic/power, can't say anything about that. I'm still trying to figure aikido out, let alone try to figure out anything else.

As for Tohei Sensei's teaching, well, I've actually practiced in his system and don't recall ever hearing or practicing anything that would help my phsysical movements in all directions. Lots of seiza and breathing practice. Though I'm sure it was just the dojo that I would visit when traveling to their area and not Tohei's teaching itself.
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