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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Oh, when you say chinese, are you refering to shaolin type stuff, or the more internal arts?
Well, the so-called "internal" arts are usually considered to be Taiji, Xingyi, Baguz, Liu He Ba Fa, and a few others, while Shaolin arts are often called "external". Technically, and more precisely, the better-known "internal" arts are differentiated by the use of the dantien area to store, release, and control the body powers of jin and qi. I.e., they "hit with the dantien". They also believe in developing Qi via the softer breathing methods and qigongs as opposed to the harder breathing methods coupled with mechanical beating, drumming, etc. Aikido does not belong in this group of "internal" because there is not the specific use of the store-release and control by the dantien (the actual dantien area of some of these internal-arts people is extraordinarily developed with a muscular "ball" [they call it 'qi ball'] that can look like the Alien trying to get out of their abdomen).

So you can bet that the Ki and Kokyu practices of Aikido are from Shaolin (and from the writings, I'd bet the house on it). It has to be noted that "Shaolin" practices have a wide spectrum of approaches to Qi and they also have adherents to very soft, relaxed, etc., training, not just the hard stuff (there is no real clear differentiation of "internal" and "external", IMO). In terms of body training, various martial arts have differing approaches to qi-development and they add different body tricks to the arsenal (the use of the dantien is one trick, use of the hips is another, quivering responses is another, etc., etc.). Note that Aikido uses the hips; the internal arts use the dantien actively. Yiquan and Bajiquan use the hips. Aikido training would probably be complemented best with yiquan training, as it stands. "Internal arts" training would too-heavily modify Aikido and a lot of the stances of Aikido are just too wrong to use in internal arts. My opinions, not necessarily facts.


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