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Mike Sigman
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Re: Atemi and Irimi

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Well, Mike, looks you don't know who is N.Tamura sensei ........ooopps. Too bad. This guy is presently probably most sophisticated aikidoka in the World.
at the time, O sensei = aikido. Today, N.Tamura sensei = aikido.
In which case, if Tamura IS Aikido, then we don't need any statements about Aikido from O-Sensei, do we? But when someone says "O-Sensei said.... " that's not the same as "Tamura says O-Sensei said..." It's a convention that you follow as a means to bring order to chaos, Szczepan. It's looking more and more like IF the attribution to O-Sensei is correct, it quite probably was a general statement along the lines of "Aikido is entering and striking" and deliberately glosses over any ideas of blending, timing, etc., which we know to be important. Technically ALL martial arts are simply approaching and striking, so it's not a very revelatory idea... I thought there might be something important along the lines of the specific irimi of Aikido, etc., but I guess not.
I was following the idea, Szczepan, not trying to engage in a discussion of who is who in the Aikido world.


Mike Sigman