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>KAMI : According to Peter Goldsbury Sensei, Chairman of the IAF, it hasn't yet.And I saw the latest Hombu list of promotions(january 2001) and his name isn't listed there. <

Perhaps it's in one of the later issues. I can't see Yamada Shihan announcing Harvey's promotion before approval from Hombu.

>KAMI : Or he may be following Saotome Sensei's example, who indicated his student, Dennis Hooker as a Shihan in his own organization, I believe that in its ancient meaning of "Exemplar Teacher", instead of as a "teaching rank".<

Chiba Shihan initiated the "teaching rank" system here in the US, so I don't believe he'd now be using the term in the way Saotome Shihan uses it. But I don't know for sure. Let me ask some of our "Left" Coast friends.

Anyway, congratulations to them all!
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