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Re: Steven Seagal's sword work

Hi George, I didn't think you were questioning anything, but since I got the impression that you made an "absolute" statement, such as - there are no koryu ryuha that issue dan-ranks - and given that I recently heard of such a case (I believe at least) I just wanted to be nitpicking a little by stating that I knew of at least one case. Btw, I would love to train with Paul Manogue if I ever get the chance.
Regarding on topic issues. Since I have but highest respect for Mr. Seagals aikido myself, I wouldn't mind knowing if you know for a fact if Mr. Seagal have not recieved sword training in any classical style (Such as Yaguy Shinkage ryu mentioned before). This is however only curiosity from my side.
I don't doubt that he did recieve bukiwaza training through his aikido training (perhaps through Isoyama sensei). But since I have heard from some of his students that his characteristic use of cutting and deflecting was developed out of his "classical" sword training, I would like to know if you know more about this than the little I do.

Jakob Blomquist
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