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Mike Sigman
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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Bryan Bateman wrote:
I remembered last night that I did a seminar with Tada sensei when I was in Japan. He spent the first half hour or so doing standing breathing techniques. I don't remember much about them to be honest, nor whether they are for meditation purposes per se, although they maybe. I just google for Tada sensei and breathing
Thanks, Bryan. One of them is in Polish and one is a biographical overview of Ueshiba that's nice. I should have made clear that "standing postures" means that specific postures are held as a way to build up the body strength, but certain powers are engaged so that the postures work. You can't just hold the external posture and get the results. One extremely interesting comment *attributed* to Ueshiba (by I think Shioda but I've been looking at so many books lately...) was the comment about postures and six directions. That's interesting indeed, because it indicates that Ueshiba at a minimum knew the terms of correct standing techniques. So we may be onto something pretty interesting.

Thanks for the help.


Mike Sigman
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