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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Rob Liberti wrote:
As a matter of fact, you didn't ask for a proof. You asked for a citation from books that were known to have different authors than O-sensei himself.

I'm suprised you'd open the door here about criticising the way people are in a forum. I will point out that when you catch people being a little off _here_, you've posted things like "I'm not going to let you off that easily" or some nonsense about 'how they now stand corrected in a public forum for all to see' - yet you've make many mistakes too. No one does that in the other forums I am on. I also notice that you've said just as many passive aggressive things as you accuse others of (which looks to me like a major case projection) - but you've put a winking emoticon and say that you were just saying it in jest. The problem I have with this is:
1) There are some people who would have positive contributions, but they maybe just are not up to having to deal with your forum behavior. So I miss out on their contributions because of your behavior.
2)You actually have enough good and funny things to say to merit all of the positive attention you want.

No one on the other forums I am has behaved like you. Maybe they are genuinly interested in making positive contributions. (<-- note the wink, which apparently means I can say any nasty thing I want without having any responsibiliy since the wink means it was in jest of course )

Rob, note how I use "someone" and compared to the "you, you, you" in the above post. Also note that a direct attribution to O-Sensei was used and I politely did my own search first before I asked for the customary citation for that *direct* attribution. Rather than admit that the very normal call for a citation was met incorrectly, you're off again into how it's my fault. Let's stop. You've done it too many times. You were needlessly involving yourself in the request for citation anyway.