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Originally posted by jimbaker
I thought Harvy's rank was already registered with Hombu?
KAMI : According to Peter Goldsbury Sensei, Chairman of the IAF, it hasn't yet.And I saw the latest Hombu list of promotions(january 2001) and his name isn't listed there.

Shihan status, as a *teaching rank* is also only awarded by Hombu dojo. You're not a Shihan (as a teaching rank) unless Hombu has issued it. So I must assume that Chiba Shihan was announcing a "done deal".
KAMI : Or he may be following Saotome Sensei's example, who indicated his student, Dennis Hooker as a Shihan in his own organization, I believe that in its ancient meaning of "Exemplar Teacher", instead of as a "teaching rank".

As for the West Coast boys, all of their websites announce their Shihan awards, but nothing about a rank promotion. That's the reason I assumed they had not been given 7th dan.
KAMI : I was informed, by another member of this list and of USAF, that the promotion to 7th Dan ocurred. That's why I'm trying to confirm that.

However, we Aikidoist are falling way behind the times. Several European Ninjas in the Bujinkan, under Grand Master Hatsumi have recently awarded several 13th dans!
Jim Baker
KAMI : Well, I know nothing about the Bujinkan and its ranking system, so I'd rather not say anything about that.
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