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Re: Steven Seagal's sword work

I want to be very clear that I, in no way, question the legitimacy of Sensei Paul Manogue or the style in which he has Dan rank. I am not familiar with the syle at all.

I simply pointed out that the classical ryu ha did not, in most cases, use the Dan system. So it was unlikely that Steven Seagal had a Dan ranking in kenjutsu. As most people who read the forums know I have on many occasions made positive comments about Seagal Sensei's Aikido and the Aikido of his students. When I say that he is not a "sword master" I am not disparaging his training, just pointing out that he is not a student of a sword style. He learned his swordsmanship the same place that I have, namely from within mainstream Aikido. I know people who might be deemed "sword masters" and neither of us would be considered such.

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