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Brion Toss
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Re: Article: O-Sensei's Aikido by George S. Ledyard

Thank you so much for your beautiful essay. So many aspects to it, that one read-through is clearly not enough (It's printing right now), but I was particulary taken by one sentence, which describes what Ueshiba did: "He created Aikido to be a unique martial art whose primary purpose was to use a study of martial principles and interactions to reveal the true nature of the universe to the practitioner."
Given, as you, as well as several correspondents have noted, that we cannot follow O-Sensei's path exactly, it might at first seem hopeless that we could approach this ideal. But I am reminded of the saying, "Do not seek to do as the Masters did; seek what they sought." By your words, I feel aided in that seeking.
Brion Toss
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