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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Mike Sigman wrote:
Literally kokyu is "breath" power and there is a sense of timing, but idiomatically it implies an innate power. ...The power I'm talking about is something that I can manifest anywhere on my body and even move it around my body or use it to power my movements... all while standing still and not changing alignment, weight, balance, etc. Yet, someone can go through the alignment, weight, balance, etc., door and arrive there after a while, if they focus on relaxing and think about every movement....
The idea of moving these forces is the core of Aikido techniques, as I mentioned. It's like you're controlling a little mini-universe inside yourself and you use this power to "kokyu ho" or to "harmonize" with an opponent....

The idea of using these mind-manipulated powers to control engagement with others is widespread in martial and philosophical arts in Asia and is considered sort of a universal or "natural" truth of some magnitude....
I remember reading about this IMA guy called Mike Sigman in BlackBelt Magazine and Inside Kungfu back in the late 80's... I'm hoping it is the same Mike Sigman....

For someone who claims to have "no credentials" in Aikido, sure knows a lot more about the fundamental principles of Aikido than a lot of people who actually do aikido.

Glad to have you around Mike!

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