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Brion Toss
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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hoisted by your own petard, Brion. Do you see the word "apparent"? I.e., centrifugal force is not a real force.


Mike Sigman
Let me get this straight: you are saying that the word "apparent" disqualifies centrifugal force as "real"? So an apparent diameter (The angle subtended by the diameter of a celestial body as seen from the center of the earth, expressed in angular units) is a mere chimera, an apparent easement (An easement which involves in its nature, or as a means of its enjoyment, or the like, some permanent visible sign of its existence...) is a useless fiction, and apparent wind ((The wind as observed aboard a moving vessel, being the vectorial combination of the true wind and the wind due to the ship's motion) is a fantasy of no concern to sailors. And so on.
There are other ways to express what is commonly called "centrifugal force" (you have done so), ways that can be more precise, and more useful in calculations. I am not contesting this. What I would like is for adequately precise (perhaps as determined by some agreed-upon source; the above are from Merriam-Webster's 2nd Unabridged, for instance) terms to be accepted for the sake of having a conversation, without suffering pointless cavils that derail said conversation.
Although, in the spirit of pointless cavils, I would like to point out that the expression is "Hoist with your own petard", not "Hoisted by."
Brion Toss
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