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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Mike Sigman wrote:
So you're going to turn to [Rev. Sensei Kensho Furuya], are you?
Yep! If only I could He doesn't hang around here any more.

Other than valuing his spiritual counsel, He has some of the most beautiful and effortless redirection I've seen. Whether he perfectly understands the physics and conciously formulates his randori moves, I don't know. But he has a marvelous knack of manipulating the force and (I don't know exactly, either) gravity affecting uke's direction and stability.

As another interesting exercise, I wouldn't mind hearing the actual physics experts opinions what they feel the dominant or central force of physics is at work in each of the various waza.

Example: Irimi Nage's power relies on such and such. Shiho Nage, maybe leverage?

Also, how close does anyone feel science is to explaining Ki/Chi/Kokyu power, etc?
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