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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

De nada :-) maybe someone is upset about that, but I do believe in the open exchange of ideas.
There are other of these conditioning exercises that we used to do more of until some time ago. My teacher told me once she was not comfortable doing them anymore since she didn't felt she "owned" them (That after she caught me teaching them to the beginners class :-) ) I understand those exercises are part of Hikitsuchi sensei's tradition, out of Shingu. I would guess that the rev. Koichi Barrish in Washington would probably know more details on the subject.

On Tenkan, it's always been about entering and turning as far as I've been taught. The only strange thing about tenkan in my school is that it's always stressed to be a forward motion even when going back...

PS - thanks for very interesting discussions on these forums.

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