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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

This sort of incident is becoming more prevelant in correctional facilities. Just a few weeks ago, a prisoner appearing at trial in our county courthouse (Fulton County, Georgia) assaulted his bailiff, took her weapon, and shot the presiding judge and stenographer. He then shot another officer escaping from the building and attempting to flee the city. He then shot another officer (FBI I think) shortly before being captured. It took police, FBI and GBI officers almost 1 full day to catch the guy.

Did I mention this prisoner was on trial for a violent crime? Did I mention that officers found shanks on this prisoner just days before the escape? Did I mention that some jurors choose not be sit in the courtroom because this prisioner had made threatening gestures and was intimidating the jurors?

Oh, and did I mention that the prisoner was not shackled because the judge did not want to bias the jury by showing the defendant hancuffed?

I respect and admire those individuals that are police officers and corrections officers. They are put in situations that most people would avoid at all costs. They are underpaid, under-equipped, and under-prepared. And when they fail, people can die.
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