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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Following your mode of reduction, I could also say that there is no such thing as the color green; it's really just a specific frequency of visible electromagnetic radiation. And for that matter, it's not even that specific, because where do you draw the line between green and blue? I could call it the color HonkiDonk if I wanted to. Or you could just say, there are only three primary colors, yellow, green, and magenta, and anything else is just a variation on those three. Imagine, we could look through a clothing catalogue, and instead of "Mulberry" and "Sunset Orange", the colors could just be listed as different proportions of the primary three: "Magenta 23%, Green 37%, Yellow, 40%"

However, "green," "orange," and "centrifugal force" are terms representing loosely defined phenomenon that commonly occur, and as such, they may have some value as signifiers understood by a general population.

Now, what was the original question? I don't know if there even was one. Bill just observed that there was a physical explanation for things that some people think of as "mystical." I'm guessing this is a continuation of the Equitable thread, which I didn't read. But the resulting debate here was fun.

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