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Fred Little
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Re: Steven Seagal's sword work

Jakob Blomquist wrote:
Apparently Mr. Manogue is part of the Yamato Yagyu-kai, Edo Yagyu Shinkage ryu Heiho. Their headmaster are according to their homepage Sono Seigo. Seems legit to me. FWIW
"Legit" and "mainline" are different concepts, though I can see how someone might draw the (unwarranted) implication that an "off-shoot" is somehow less "legit" than the "mainline."

The original question was whether it is possible to hold a dan-ranking in a koryu sword art. Here we have an example that shows that it is possible.

Whether Seagal does or not, and if so in which school, is a seperate question. I've never seen a claim that Seagal is affiliated in any way with this particular branch that does award dan-i.

So who knows? Not me. Though I do know that I enjoyed training with Paul at an aikido seminar a few weeks back and if I were looking for a good sword instructor in the Philly area, his classes would be on the short list of things to check out.


Fred LIttle.
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