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On promotions

[quote]Originally posted by jimbaker
[b]All three are listed as 6th Dans on their updated websites. Had they been promoted to 7th dan, it would have been announced in January, and there haven't been any such announcements.[END QUOTE]

KAMI : Sometimes the Shihan promote locally some people, who later are "autenticated" by the Aikikai Hombu. Such a case, if I'm not mistaken, has happened with Harvey Konigsberg Sensei, which has been promoted by Yamada Sensei but his ranking hasn't been autenticated by Hombu. It will be, I believe, in the next Kagami Biraki, in January 2002.

[quote][b]There were at least four promotions to 7th dan in the US from the Aikikai Hombu: Konigsberg, Duran, Witt and Nadeau Senseis. I don't know if any of them were awarded Shihan ranking.[END QUOTE]

KAMI : You're right, they weren't. But in the case of USAF/WR the three sensei were indicated as Shihan by that organization. I don't know if that title is to be recognized by Hombu. And the fact that they're still rokudan in their "updated" website does not mean much if their promotion, as it seems, has ocurred recently.
Anyway, thanks for your answer.

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