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Re: Equitable?

Daren Sims wrote:
Partially...On this occasion I mentioned PC experience to give some background on who he is.

I'll tenkan here and go back to my original point which was that it was PC in the main who has explained to me that the core of aikido is irimi and atemi. I've provided a reference to the source of this so hopefully you can accept this.
Hmmmm. Not so fast. Your original assertion was:

Those that look at the core of aikido will view the development of irimi and atemi as the underlying theme of their aikido (perhaps this should go on the without this no aikido thread).

When I questioned this, you attributed it to O-Sensei, but you have yet to provide any reference from O-Sensei or anyone else that says the core is irimi and atemi. In a recent post you attempted to shift the blame to me for even raising the question about things you didn't mention. No one is cavilling with the idea that irimi and atemi are core parts of Aikido. My comment is that there are other core parts... an idea that you seemed to dismiss at first. Your quote about the importance of irimi and atemi did not put them as the 2 core ingredients you originally indicated they were, nor was the quote even from O-Sensei.

I'm puzzled in trying to decide what it is you're trying to say, frankly.. So far it appears that you're simply presenting your teacher as an ultimate authority in Aikido while carping about the way I post that displeases you. I thought you had some gem of wisdom about the core of Aikido that I'd never encountered, but apparently not. I think we're at a dead end.


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