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Mike Sigman
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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Christian Reiniger on Ron Ragusa wrote:
[snip]If you want people to actually respect your opinion, you have to give it a certain "weight" or foundation. That means either making it clear that you indeed do know something about the topic (e.g. by presenting your credentials or at least telling where and how long you've trained) or by quoting someone who is known as knowledgeable on the subject.
Christian, Ron was not trying to ascertain my credentials to verify any information... he was obviously trying to turn toward a pissing contest. What you're saying wide of the mark.
As to the "centrifugal force not being a real force" -- that's of course correct. And pretty much irrelevant.
For something irrelevant and which I said only light-heartedly to distract from having to say that that force was not part of tenkan, it seems to be a big topic. Why not accept that yes, what I said was true, and then grow up enough to realize I only said it to take the sting out of the remainder of the sentence?


Mike Sigman
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