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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Then you agree with me that mentioning someone's time on the mat with any implications of expertise is a waste, then.
Partially...On this occasion I mentioned PC experience to give some background on who he is.

I'll tenkan here and go back to my original point which was that it was PC in the main who has explained to me that the core of aikido is irimi and atemi. I've provided a reference to the source of this so hopefully you can accept this.

Mike Sigman wrote:
Me, too. I know people that think they can fight who can't. We both know many people, it seems. Why did you deliberately leave off my clarification about "western" Aikido in such a way to imply that I was talking about traditional Aikido? I said:

I didn't criticise and dismiss Aikido... I criticised and dismissed the too-prevalent western practice that is called Aikido. It's generally useless on many levels, except for role playing, social agendae, cooperative exercise, etc.
Who defines western practice? In my experience no two instructors are indentical. Each tries their best to interpret aikido and teach it. Some are good. Some are not. To loosely throw a label out such as 'western' aikido is for me somewhat unacceptable.

We have similar labels in use in the budo for instance.

My issue is that it is a sweeping judgement....If you don't like the way something is done then fine. Is there any benefit in sniping at those that are different? If they see what they want in their chosen training method whose to criticise? How perfect are the rest of us?

Mike Sigman wrote:

It was the topic that you jumped in on, though....
I think its clear what topic I jumped in on...but now that you piqued my interest ...lets have that statistic and source.

Mike Sigman wrote:
Good for you. Aikido is fortunate to have someone like you in it.
Thank you. I hope those that train with me feel the same.