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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Mike Sigman wrote:
This is sooooo trite and typical of New Agers.... when they screw up they look for some reason to attack personally. All you need to know, Ron, is that I have credentials but I don't claim to be an Aikido teacher.
Well, if you correct others and present your opinion, it's just that -- some opinion. Just the same as some opinion from Joe Random I just met on the street. If you want people to actually respect your opinion, you have to give it a certain "weight" or foundation. That means either making it clear that you indeed do know something about the topic (e.g. by presenting your credentials or at least telling where and how long you've trained) or by quoting someone who is known as knowledgeable on the subject.

As to the "centrifugal force not being a real force" -- that's of course correct. And pretty much irrelevant. The term is a good and well-known shorthand and it is a nice term for something that's clearly observable. Physics people use it all the time. But if you prefer to say "the pseudoforce (caused by the object's inertia and perpendicular to its direction of movement) counter-acting the effects of the centripetal force in a bound circular motion" you're of course free to do so . Just don't force that on others.

No comment on tenkan, because we usually don't use that term...

Update: The "centrifugal force" comment was based on your earlier insisting on the term not being used. Which I found pretty annoying. But it seems my above comment was unnecessary after all...

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