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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Mike Sigman wrote:
I don't have a problem with developing the skills you're talking about, Rupert. What I have a problem with is the assertion that "Tenkan" by definition means the application of these forces. It means "turn". It is a form of entering an attack. You can enter an attack with tenkan and apply a kokyu nage without ever applying "centrifugal" or "centripetal" force.
Mike Sigman
Tenkan is turning, yes, but if all you do is turn then you have nothing but avoidance. If, however, you start to control uke, as in say irimi-nage, you draw him in with centripetal force and afterwards spit him off with centrifugal force. Ikkyo is a little different - the centripetal force draws him in the whole way to the ground such that he goes down in a spiral. So, may the force be with you, for without it you can only run away (avoid).

It is also possible to avoid tenkan and throw in a straight line with no centripetal/centrifugal force.

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