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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

There would be cause for a dojo to open up spruking mathematical martial arts! -> part technique, part applied physics... You would have people just lining up waiting for the doors to open!

It is interesting that although a lot of poeple here acknowledge the physics side of aikido, i dont think that anyone has ever tried to rigoursly define aikido from this perspective. Imagine if the Xtreme MA animators had specialised on aikido only? I beleive that alot of debate about aikido principles could be settled this way...

On a side note, this XMA documentary (?) made a interesting remark concerning energy derived from the earth (or something along those lines)... they show via modelling that as the guy goes to strike his balance shifts creating an energy wave travelling up his leg and out his arm to his fist... i suppose more bang for you buck. I found this point extremly interesting from an aikido perspective! Got me thinking anyway!
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