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Mike Sigman
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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
I firmly believe that centripetal and centrifugal forces can and should be developed. I have done it myself for ages and am constantly amazed at how weak at technique some people are, even after years of training.

Centripetal force is that what develops when you enter tenkan and draw uke in - sure you use his initial movement, and then add some, and the more you CAN add the more powerful your technique becomes. Centrifugal force is that which is used to spit uke off. Likewise, the more you CAN add, the more powerful your technique becomes.

You can, and should, develop this power.
I don't have a problem with developing the skills you're talking about, Rupert. What I have a problem with is the assertion that "Tenkan" by definition means the application of these forces. It means "turn". It is a form of entering an attack. You can enter an attack with tenkan and apply a kokyu nage without ever applying "centrifugal" or "centripetal" force.


Mike Sigman
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