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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Just out of curiosity, do you even care that what you said is a pretty blatantly dishonest characterisation of what I said and that you stand exposed as being intellectually dishonest for all to see?
Oh no! Not exposed as intellectually dishonest for all to see!
Hmmmmm... not in a fight, she's not.
Who said anything about a fight? What I believe I said was that there was a fair degree of accuracy in an otherwise HUMEROUS [emphasis added, as you appear to have missed it the first time] saying. That's not evasion; that's what I said.
Amazing. Again, out of curiosity, are you aware that in the martial community Aikido has a laughable reputation, on the whole?
Who said anything about reputation? What relevance to reputation do my words bear? Is there some reason not to discuss, at least, the possibility that non-martial issues might have some place in Aikido?
Would you care to hazard a guess as to what kind of people have engendered that reputation for Aikido?
Is this a rhetorical question? Do you assume, for some reason, that I believe that some particular "kind" of people have engendered Aikido's reputation? If so, you are mistaken.
Brion Toss

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