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Mike Sigman
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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
FWIW , a few years ago I was looking for info on exercises which we used to do at the beginning of class.. I recognized some of the exercises we did from the descriptions in this list. [snip the translated directions via Ward Rafferty]
Nice. Many thanks. It's a basic Buddhist qigong that's been converted and religionized, but which seems careful not to go too far afield (For instance notice the primordial "Su" is the same more or less of the Chinese primordial "Shu"). In all cases, though, telling you *what* to do doesn't explain *how* to do it. The 3 major parts of the qigong are

(1.) How to do the breathing techniques (not explained enough to do you any real good)

(2.) How to move in torifune (and other movements) except at a coarse level

(3.) How to approach letting the subconscious become stronger through meditation training.

It would have taken fairly complex personal instruction to get this one really up and running on all 8 cylinders.

So it's actually a borderline complete "martial qigong". I wonder about its origins. It's obviously Shaolin, but I'm wondering who introduced it to whom and when. Is there any way to get feedback on how old the roots of this qigong may be?

Very helpful. Many thanks.


Mike Sigman
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