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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Michael Mackenzie wrote:
A bit of further grist for the rumor mill. I did come across an online article a couple of years ago that suggested Shioda Sensei and Taikiken's (yiquan) Kenichi Sawai may have had some information exchange. I tried to track the article down again a few months ago but no luck. Can anybody substantiate this?
Heck.... when Ellis said that about the toe and leg, I immediately thought "yiquan", but then I dismissed it because those particular leg, foot, etc., trainings are derived originally from Shaolin. You could be right, but I don't have enough data to place any bets. It's not clear how much information Kenichi Sawai got, anyway, and it's not clear from his books or videos exactly what he could do... so what he could pass on to Shioda would have been up in the air. A definite maybe is the best I would go.
As for all things Shaoliny, Ueshiba was a devotee of Shingon Buddhism long before his foray into Omoto-kyo. Perhaps some of his practices were dervied from this?
Perhaps.... but that's the sort of thing I'm trying to narrow down. At the moment, I'd lay my bets as the most probable source being Takeda Sokaku.
As for Tohei, the majority of his cultivation methods come from Tempu Nakamura, who was a yoga adept. HE Davey's book "Japanese Yoga" outlines this.
I bought Davey's book, but it's not much of a source of information. In fact, I was pretty certain that no one showed him how to do the ki and kokyu parts from what he wrote. My current best guess on Tohei is that he got his basics from Nakamura and added them to what he could learn and deduce from Ueshiba. For whatever that's worth.


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