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Mike Sigman
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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Peter Zalinski wrote:
I was wondering, about the "standing postures" mentioned earlier -- would the breathing exercises demonstrated my Tamura Sensei at last years' Eastern Region 40th Anniversary Summer Camp qualify?
Is there a video or still pictures of this? I'd be quite interested in see this, particularly as done by Tamura Sensei, thanks. If you know of a video of Tamura doing these exercises, I'll be glad to buy a copy, etc.
Would the traditional "rowing exercise" count, as well?
Well, technically all these things are qigongs, but I'm interested in seeing any Japanese do the "standing" (still) types of posture holding which are maybe related to traditional Japanese practice and cannot be traced within the last 2 generations to the Chinese. Thanks a lot for your help.


Mike Sigman
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