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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Daren Sims wrote:
Point 2. Do I connote real expertise with time spent on the mat? Do you? It is down to the individual.
Then you agree with me that mentioning someone's time on the mat with any implications of expertise is a waste, then.
I also know many people that have spent many years on the mat that could not fight their way out of the wettest of paper bags.
Me, too. I know people that think they can fight who can't. We both know many people, it seems.
Point 3... aikido is generally useless? Useless for what? you average 6.57 post per day on something that you consider useless? why? It strikes me that you see nothing in aikido and wish to knock it for everyone else. I find that a bit sad.
Why did you deliberately leave off my clarification about "western" Aikido in such a way to imply that I was talking about traditional Aikido? I said:

I didn't criticise and dismiss Aikido... I criticised and dismissed the too-prevalent western practice that is called Aikido. It's generally useless on many levels, except for role playing, social agendae, cooperative exercise, etc.

And if you'll check the general interest in my posts, you'll see where my focus is and where I'm trying to get some information.
Point 4 ..Would I be willing to guess about what percentage of western aikido is martially effective? Nope - I couldn't give a monkeys...
It was the topic that you jumped in on, though....
I like what I do. I rate what I practice. I dont waste my time criticising others. If they come to me I'll teach them. If I get access to someone better that me I'll learn from them.
Good for you. Aikido is fortunate to have someone like you in it.

Mike Sigman
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