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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Nope. I can support it with source books by Ueshiba K., Gozo Shioda, and others. I.e., your assertion was limited and did not mention something as basic as tenkan, which is mentioned as an equally key component in available source material by accepted experts in the field.

Just as an aside, do you connote real expertise with "time spent practicing"? I happen to know great numbers of people who have "many years of practice" yet who couldn't find their bum with both hands when their pants are down and the lights are on. No implication of disrespect to your teacher, of course.

I didn't criticise and dismiss Aikido... I criticised and dismissed the too-prevalent western practice that is called Aikido. It's generally useless on many levels, except for role playing, social agendae, cooperative exercise, etc.

Would you be willing to hazard a guess about what percentage of western Aikido is martially effective? I think you're confusing my comments, as I noted above.


Mike Sigman
Point 1.... My assertion was that at the core of aikido is irimi and atemi. Dig a bit deeper into those books of yours and somewhere along the line you'll find this is pretty much a direct quote from O'sensei. Why would I wish to mention tenkan at this stage? It wasn't relevant to my post. If I limited my assertion it was by choice.Don't attempt to discredit my points by mentioning things I didn't mention. You'd be here all day if you did that....

Point 2. Do I connote real expertise with time spent on the mat? Do you? It is down to the individual. Pierre Chassang is an absolute legend. I hold him in the highest regard and merely quote his time spent on the mat to give an indication of his experience.

This thread is not about that experience - If it were I would be lavishing praise on the gifts that he has given us

I also know many people that have spent many years on the mat that could not fight their way out of the wettest of paper bags.

PC is as far as you can get from that category. In terms of life he has experienced like many of his generation the full horrors of war. It remains with him I am sure yet he has always been an absolute inspiration aikido wise.

I'd also say it is a strength of aikido that all can practice it - not just the natural fighters. I digress so back to the point.

Point 3... aikido is generally useless? Useless for what? you average 6.57 post per day on something that you consider useless? why? It strikes me that you see nothing in aikido and wish to knock it for everyone else. I find that a bit sad.

Point 4 ..Would I be willing to guess about what percentage of western aikido is martially effective? Nope - I couldn't give a monkeys...It would be the most meaningless statistic anyone had ever scraped up. Do enlighten me with your version though ...and don't forget to substantiate it with your source book.

I like what I do. I rate what I practice. I dont waste my time criticising others. If they come to me I'll teach them. If I get access to someone better that me I'll learn from them.

I'm not confusing your comments...but I get the feeling you'd like me to.

With respect