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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Aikido

Casey Darwin wrote:
I would probably agree with you if I saw something like that, however, you and I dont have the right to decide if that is Aikido or not.
Really? You would recognize that it's not right, but you're too polite to call a spade a spade?
There is good and bad everything in the world, Aikido included, and yes Doshu has the ultimate authority, but he is not the only person who does "True Aikido"
I didn't say he was the only person who does "True Aikido", though, did I? I said he is the person who can make the call. He's also the person who guards the "Way"... that's why he is the "Do Shu".
Just like aikido is not linear, neither is its transmission.
What? Source? Cite?
Here is a question for you,
Do you think that O'sensei intended for Aikido to evolve and grow, or that it should remain identical to his own?
Am I supposed to guess what O-Sensei (I assume that's the same Irish guy you were talking about. ) thought? Why don't you tell me what he thought and give me a source where it mentions "evolve", etc.


Mike Sigman
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