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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Aikido

Casey Darwin wrote:
Ok, so you're (Mike) saying that Doshu is the only person in the world who can define what true Aikido is, and that can be no deviation from his Aikido? How about the uchi dechi who learned directly from O'Sensei?
He gets to make the call. He is the doshu. Generally, I admit, this will never come up, particularly among the uchi-deshi, however, we weren't talking about the uchi-deshi per se, we were talking about the right of people to take anything they want to do and to then call it "Aikido". Do you understand that they don't really have the right to do that, regardless of any silence by the Doshu? If some dojo has nothing but throw-puppies doing dives for every poorly-done technique, you're not going to argue that it's real and traditional Aikido, are you?

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