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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
In the context of the comment by Brion Toss, women perform twice as well as a man and don't get recognized for it. That's the context to which I was replying.

It's not true. What about tenkan? What about ki? I.e., you appear to be making some sort of personal assertion and attributing it to "those that look at the core of Aikido". No offense, but I didn't really understand what you were arguing. Insofar as "not that this matters a toss", that was a pun I avoided because I suspect Brion has heard it before.

Point 1....fair enough ...I'll let you two guys argue on with this one.

Point 2... Its not true? says who? you? Personal assertion?

Fraid not.

This is what I've been taught by Pierre Chassang..longest practicing aikidoka in Europe to the tune of 50 years.

Sure we work on ki, tenkan maai and the rest of our bases.

But your posts seem to criticise aikido and dismiss it as ineffective.

My point remains that the martial effectiveness of aikido is determined by the presence of irimi and enter and strike.

These elements are present in pretty much all martial arts.

Brion pun intended.

My bottom line is still unconcerned with those that are casually dismissive of Aikido due to their ignorance of it.


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