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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Daren Sims wrote:
I kind of take your first point here Mike...In general Men have certain physical advantages which mean that in the majority of athletic events men outperform women...but in the context of this thread ability to teach isn't one of them.
In the context of the comment by Brion Toss, women perform twice as well as a man and don't get recognized for it. That's the context to which I was replying. It's not true.
Those that look at the core of aikido will view the development of irimi and atemi as the underlying theme of their aikido (perhaps this should go on the without this no aikido thread).
What about tenkan? What about ki? I.e., you appear to be making some sort of personal assertion and attributing it to "those that look at the core of Aikido".
Not that this matters a toss...bottom line is that the individual is more important than the art.
No offense, but I didn't really understand what you were arguing. Insofar as "not that this matters a toss", that was a pun I avoided because I suspect Brion has heard it before.

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