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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
What high-level woman martial artist do you want to put up against a high-level male martial artist? Give me a name. I say you'll evade this one. Amazing.

Again, out of curiosity, are you aware that in the martial community Aikido has a laughable reputation, on the whole? Would you care to hazard a guess as to what kind of people have engendered that reputation for Aikido?


Mike Sigman
I kind of take your first point here Mike...In general Men have certain physical advantages which mean that in the majority of athletic events men outperform women...but in the context of this thread ability to teach isn't one of them.

I'm very aware of the reputation that aikido has among the general martial arts community. ...and I couldn't give a gnats chuff.

I'd agree that aikido contains a lot more 'non fighters' than other martial muay thai. Arguably anyone putting their bodies through the rigorous training demanded by these sport forms without taking it to the logical conclusion is'nt very well in my opinion...I certainly dont fancy 'conditioning' my body to the point of damage for the sake of aikido....and I can't see the sense in it.

On the other hand...I and many others here train hard, Those that look at the core of aikido will view the development of irimi and atemi as the underlying theme of their aikido (perhaps this should go on the without this no aikido thread).

Are these not embodied within the majority of martial arts?

My suggestion to all non aikidoka is recognise that we have an art form that can be practiced by all to a level that suits them.

Don't judge us by those that train to a lower level but judge aikido by the levels achieved by the best.

I assure you I have encountered aikidoists that measure up to the very highest ideals of 'hardness'. In any martial arena they would be considered the hordes of TKD puppies, kung fu kids, judo nippers and bjjers that represent the bulk of the martial arts community one or 2 would have godlike presence.

Not that this matters a toss...bottom line is that the individual is more important than the art.

IMHO & respectfully

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