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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Aikido

[quote=Lorien Lowe]
We are, however, an unaffiliated dojo; furthermore, Tom's stickwork is very unorthodox.

Are we doing aikido? absolutely.
Are we doing O'Sensei's aikido? Probably not.
"Absolutely"? Do you mean "absolutely" literally, or is this simply a hyperbolic opinion? Either way it appears to simply be assertion of fact. Do you think you could give some support other than just your opinion, please?
The idea that *anyone,* anywhere, can somehow transmit anything to future generations in its absolute pure form is bs, doshu or no. But is the current Doshu doing Aikido? Of course he is!
You're better than me... you appear to be arguing all sides of the argument simultaneously, but you're still simply arguing only by assertion/insistence. Take one example and use either logic or evidence to support it. How about this.... is a dojo in which everyone "takes a dive" for every throw doing legitimate Aikido? I.e., is this Aikido that would fit O-Sensei's definition of Aikido or is it something else?


Mike Sigman
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