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Re: Equitable?

Lorien Lowe wrote:
There is the dynamic of women who 'don't get along with other women.'
Agreed. I have been told by some women that they don't like to train with other women, and some have made it clear that they don't like other women training in "their" dojo

As far as I can gather, the 'reasons' why some women don't like training with female partners are that a) they are more afraid of injuring them, as they are physically less muscular (and muscle protects) than males, and b) that they won't get such a good work-out when not training in a blaze of testosterone-fueled enthusiasm And then some women just prefer to be the only woman in the dojo

It's very sad that any women buy in to any of the above. Training with people of different physical builds develops sensitivity, and intensity in training can occur on so many different levels than the purely physical! Women with a 'queen bee' complex simply disgust me - it's as bad as men with a 'king of the jungle' complex. Neither of these have any place in the dojo.


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