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Re: Steven Seagal's sword work

John Piquet wrote:
Steven Seagal holds a black belt rank in Kenjutsu.
He is a certified sword "master".
You've got a ton of problems here. First of all, kenjutsu refers to classical Japanese Sword arts. The various styles still being taught do not use the Dan ranking system. So one doesn't get a black belt in kenjutsu.

One does not get "certified" as a "sword master". This term has no meaning and no one uses it. Depending on what style of kenjutsu one is referring to one will find various teaching licenses or certifications. Menkyo Kaiden is a common one, Hanshi, Kyoshi, etc. are also used. To the best of my knowledge Steven Seagal Sensei learned all of his sword technique from within the Aikido context from teachers like Tanaka Bansen who were not members of any classical ryu ha.

Seagal Sensei's certification, if you will, is in Aikido and is his 7th Dan. That does not make him a "sword master".

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